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All Students must be vaccinated.


Here are a few tentative guidelines for the safety of yourself and others. Keep in mind these may change and evolve as we adjust to these circumstances. Masks are required. Signs will be posted throughout the studio.

Your temperature will be taken when enter the studio.  Please sanitize your hand at the sanitization station. 


An outline of the class dynamics:

    1)  Entering and leaving the studio*

    2)  Bow in**

    3)  Work on forms/techniques***

    4)  Bag work****

    5)  Bow out**


*The designated entrance will be at the rear of the studio via the parking lot.  The designated exit will be the front door. You may enter through the rear of the studio 5 minutes before your class starts.  There will be markers on the floor in the back room to designate  where you should be in position before your scheduled class.   After your session ends, please leave by the front door.   Shoes are now required to participate in class.  We will be taking temperature readings.


**  Bowing in at the start/end of class may happen in the main training room or in the parking lot


***  Students will be spaced accordingly when practicing their forms.   Some students may be working out in the studio and some may train in the parking lot.  Students should bring their own weapons to train with.   Any borrowed weapons will be wiped down/disinfected by the student.  There will be no partner work or instructor to student contact.


**** Students will train on the wavemasters which will be wiped/disinfected after each use.


Bathroom:   After using the toilet, the student must wipe down the toilet handle, wash hands, wipe faucet, open the door then wipe door handles.  Young ones must be accompanied by their parent.      

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