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Tonic  Herbs

Important Tonic Herbs/Combinations for a martial artist:

Frame Builder:  

  • Supports the entire skeleton framework

  • Supports joints, tendons and ligaments

  • Supports bone health by supporting bone metabolism

  • Supports blood circulation to the skeleton and joints

Eucommia Bark:

  • Super potent hydro-ethanolic extraction

  • Made from premium mature Eucommia bark

  • Supports back strength

  • Supports bone and joint health

  • Great Jing Tonic

Primal Yin:

  • Potent Yin Jing restoration

  • Supports healthy aging

  • Taking this formula is like recharging a drained battery

  • Based on Dendrobium pods and other potent Yin tonic herbs

  • Cooling to the body

 We all want to live healthy and happy lives, successfully and fully.  In the ancient Orient these attainments were named Radiant Health.

For this we need to have the right "tools".  Among the great tools discovered by humankind to aid the attainment of Radiant Health are

the Chinese Tonic Herbs, also called in the ancient Orient "Superior Herbs". The Tonic Herbs are the elite herbs of the Asian herbal system. Although there are thousands of herbs used by in Asia, only a handful are considered to be Superior Herbs,  or tonics.  These very special, natural substances have been associated with the ideals of long life, glowing health, physical vitality,  slow aging, beauty, happiness, wisdom, adaptability, mental acuity, clear intuition,  and sexual vigor and response.

One of the profound benefits of the Chinese Tonic Herbs abides in their ability to change "vicious cycles" into "benevolent cycles":  
the tonics help reverse the process of one problem leading to more problems.  Something really good happens when you start taking 
these herbs.   You start to feel balanced and strong inside. You start having  abundant energy when you need it, and yet you feel 
relaxed and at peace.  Incredibly, you become more and more adaptive to changes in your life and environment in a way that you 
could not envision before.  People will even start commenting on how bright your eyes are, how enthusiastic you are, how vibrant 
you are, how well you seem to handle problems, even how  insightful you are. These are the real benefits of taking the Chinese 
Tonic Herbs.

We invite you to step up to superior herbalism and enjoy the benefits of the great Tonic Herbs. We are proud to offer  Ron Teeguarden's  "Dragon Herbs", the highest quality Chinese Tonic Herbs  available in the world today, and providing in-depth knowledge of how to use them.

It is now possible to obtain these incredible health-promoting nutrients and supplements ever discovered. Herbal substances that 
were rare in the past are now available to you for the asking–if you know what to look for and where to look. And that’s where we 
come in.  Ron Teeguarden  has spent  many years sourcing the most effective herbal tonics in the world. He has identified the best 
means of collecting these herbs from pristine and pure sources, then transporting and processing them so that they remain at peak  
potency and efficacy. 

We hope that you will find in Golden Lion’s Tiger1herbs at a resource that changes your life for the better .

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