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Waiver and fee policy

I understand that my payments continue even if there is a break in my attendance.

The student or guardian should notify the Golden Lion Martial Arts School of missed weeks.

I understand there is no refund for any fees or tuition paid.

Rights of  Cancellation:

     A)  You may cancel this agreement within 3 business days from the start date without penalty or  obligation.

     B)  If student becomes disabled  for at least 2 months during the membership terms and that disability is confirmed in

           writing by a physician, you have a right to an extension or cancellation of this agreement.

     C)  30 days notification of cancellation of above training program, either written and delivered or emailed with a reply.

            *   Until terminated by student or studio with no further obligations.

The student hereby represents that he is physically fit to take the prescribed course of instruction.  The student further acknowledges that the existence of some risk of personal injury in participating in said prescribed course of instruction, and that the student is assuming this risk without liability to the school, owner, instructors, family members or Landlord, by executing this agreement and participating in said course of instruction.

The student and guardian acknowledge any videos or pictures taken of said student is for marketing purposes only.  No monetary or material is given.  Please inform the studio if you wish to opt out from any pictures or videos taken.

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