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Cubs 4-7 years Old


Thursdays @ 5:50pm

Saturday @ 11:00am

This is a great age for kids to start. They can easily be trained to develop balance and strengthen muscles.
At Golden Lion, class size for Cubs is limited to 14 students so that each one can receive the best possible training.
An average class includes calisthenics, balance drills, and technique drills using punches, kicks, and blocks. Martial arts 
obstacle courses promote teamwork, focus and flexibility.
Based on a foundation of cooperation and trust, Cubs are taught that by paying attention they become better learners, and 
that by developing coordination they become better athletes. Self-control and respect are an integral part of training.

Although  each class borrows from a code of ethics that is steeped in traditional Chinese martial arts, we enjoy adding fun 
and humor to our classes.  We are always finding ways to encourage students to do their best in all that they do. 
We take pride in our promotion system, which teaches students that they must earn their next level by showing 
the courage to confront their fears, overcome difficulties, and demonstrate their skills in front of their peers and family . 
We also know that each martial arts student has something different to offer, and we encourage and help that potential.

Please feel free to ask any questions.  Any techniques regarding internal energy, timing, and distance cannot 
be explained in words alone. Attending classes, you will experience and feel it.

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