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Kung Fu or Tai Chi?

Are you ready to learn  Cai Li Fo Kung Fu or Tai Chi Chuan, traditional Chinese martial arts?  

We have kicks, punches, forms, tournaments, sparring, lion dancing, meditation, Qigong and in-house special events. Jump in with both feet (and hands), and a whole universe of knowledge will open up to you. Here at Golden Lion Martial Arts Academy,  we know that a disciplined practice leads to a better balanced, healthy life. 

Our instructors are dedicated to passing on the physical and mental aspects of martial arts.  Students learn traditional philosophy and conduct, and they train at a level that is rigorous and challenging enough for each one to develop into a strong practitioner of the art. 
Tai Sifu David Dong has dedicated his life, as a fully rounded martial artist, to passing on his knowledge and experience to the next generation.


We are with you each step, each technique and each form.  Come train with us.

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All students must be vaccinated.  Masks are optional except when training with a partner.

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